Welcome to the WisVote Learning Center!

WisVote is Wisconsin's new, easy-to-use system for election management.

The system will be down temporarily Friday 14 at 8pm for regular maintenance.  The website should be back up after 9pm.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

This website contains learning materials designed to help local election officials get the most out of WisVote.

In addition to traditional learning materials like user manuals, we offer a variety of videos including demonstration overviews and interactive tutorials.

The online courses below correspond with chapters in the WisVote User Manual. To get started, select from any of the courses. You will be prompted to log in. Use your existing "SVRS username" and the password provided to you. 

Please refer to the WisVote Learning Curriculum Checklist below for all the available training resources in the Learning Center. You may wish to print it and use it to track which training resources you have completed. (Note: We will continue to update our training resources as WisVote changes and processes occur.)

Updated Videos: Online Voter Registration 1/6.  Clerk Training 12/3.  Presidential Only Requests 10/27.  Track Provisional Ballots 10/5. In-Person Absentee 9/15. Voter Registration 8/22. Election Day Registration 8/17.  

New Video Topics:  Manage Absentee Ballots 1/31. Renaming Ballot Styles 9/21.  MyVote Registration 9/13.  MyVote Pending Applications 6/22.  Create a Personal View or Report  5/3.  

WisVote User Manual - Revised January 2017 

Online Voter Registration - Manual Supplement 2017

Available courses

Learn about WisVote, successor to SVRS. Sections include ...
Learn about Voter Search, Voter Registration, Voter ...
Learn about Absentee Voting, Types of Absentee Applications, A...
In this section, users will learn about Polling Places, Polling Pla...
In this section, users will learn to Update Clerk Training Informat...
In this section, users will learn about Elections in WisVote, Creat...
In this section, users will learn about Recording Votes, Entering E...
In this section, users will get an Overview of Address Functions an...
Agency staff created and produced webinars made to give users ...